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Press Release:
European Space Agency

Press Release:
European Space Agency

Delta Cygni Labs Ltd, Press Release, March 21, 2018

Finnish-based Delta Cygni Labs Takes Augmented Reality to Mars in the European Space Agency Business Program

Delta Cygni Labs (DCL), the world´s leading expert in remote collaboration, is the first Finnish company to be selected for the European Space Agency´s business accelerator program designed for small and medium-size enterprises.

ESA emphasises creating new businesses not only for space, but also on the ground

One of the most important goals of the European Space Agency is to expand technology intended for space to other industries and accelerate the growth rate of European businesses. ”There is brilliant research in Europe, but more business has to come out of it,” according to Dr. Boris Krassi, CEO and Co-founder of DCL. Thus, creativity and an agile approach offered by startups and SMEs can be largely beneficial for the European business landscape.

POINTR Easy Remote Support leading the way in augmented reality-powered remote collaboration

DCL´s groundbreaking product POINTR Easy Remote Support focusing on remote collaboration is a great tool not only for aerospace, but also for global industries and harsh environmental conditions on the ground. “Industries with remote, hard-to-access locations such as mining, oil and gas fields, sea and desert areas with challenging environment and unreliable internet access are to benefit from the mobile solution empowered by augmented reality”, says Sauli Kiviranta, Co-founder and CTO of DCL.

”When the first humans land on Mars, our goal is to have them supported by POINTR, but we are more than happy to be able to serve ground-based industries as well”, says Krassi. He sees POINTR also offering a great solution for sustainable business conducted in the Arctic Ocean region. ”Remote experts can support solving critical problems and prevent errors that cause expensive delay on site. With our service, travel can be avoided thus minimizing carbon footprint and unnecessary negative effects on the delicate nature”, explains Krassi.

POINTR already being used by the best Finnish companies

Delta Cygni Labs with its successful business has already more than twenty-five customers. Finnish based, global industry key players KONE Marine with vertical transportation in the maritime sector and Valmet focusing on marine solutions and automation are company´s partners in the European Space Agency´s Business Program. DCL´s next plans include collaboration with US cruise companies.



For further information, please contact:

Boris Krassi, Co-founder and CEO (in English), tel +358 40 7666 956

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